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Don't Call it a Cupboard - Weird Furniture Names

At Load a Bakkie we receive many calls for furniture moves. These are some of the more unlikely items written on our inventory list for removal, rather reserved for the conversation of interior decorators and furniture designers. How many do you know?



Sometimes called a cupboard or cabinet, an armoire is a large piece of ornate furniture with two doors and internal hanging and shelving.


Also known as a sideboard, a buffet is used mainly in the dining room to serve food. It usually has storage space under the surface top for crockery. A sideboard generally has shorter, or no legs.



A deep, cushioned, enclosed single seater with upholstered arm and backrests. Designed in 18th century France for lounging, the Bergére's wooden armrests and legs are revealed and usually ornately carved.


Also known as a writing desk, usually has a flap out writing surface and drawers with pigeonholes.

Chaise Longue

Literally translated to English from French, chaise longue means 'long chair'. It is a long extended upholstered chair for lounging and reclining. In modern days it is

often associated with psychology consultation rooms.


Originating from Turkey and the Middle East, the Divan is a long boxlike couch usually placed against a wall with cushions.


A table with a fixed center section and hinged sides that allow the top to drop to save space. Tops that are supported by a leg when uprights are called gateleg tables.


A soft stool to rest your legs. The difference between this and an ottoman is that an ottoman has storage space.

Murphy Bed

Murphy bed

Named after the designer William Murphy, for space efficiency in his small New York apartment, a Murphy bed is one that pulls out from the wall and drops down.


Heavily upholstered chairs with mechanisms to recline the backrest and or raise the footrest. This design was originated by two American cousins Knabush and Shoemaker, who patented the La-Z-Boy.


A portable ornate Japanese storage box, like a chest of drawers.


Also known as display cabinet, is a glass enclosed showcase for wares or specimens. Often used in museums and jewelry stores.

Windsor chair

Windsor chair

A finely crafted wooden chair with a solid seat, that saw heightened production in the town of Windsor in England during the 1700's. The backrest is connected to the seat via a series of tenoned posts.

Wing chair

Also known as a wingback, a wing chair is an upholstered single seater with wings attached to the backrest that usually flows to the armrests. It was designed so to capture heat from the fireplace and block out draughts. - Load a Bakkie


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