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Moving Tips - Keep Your Sanity

Uprooting to a new home or office can be stressful. Follow these handy moving tips to help you keep on top of things.

DE-CLUTTER. Less stuff means less moving, which could save you money on removals. Sell or donate to organizations like hospice or SPCA. There are also companies that organize an ‘open house’ sale of your household items for a commission.

BOXING SMART. The general rule of thumb is heavy items (e.g., books, pots) in small boxes, light items (e.g., Tupperware, linen) in large boxes. Boxes can be purchased at hardware stores or box companies, and range in sizes from Stock 4 (L30cm x W23cm x H30cm) to Stock 7 (L45cm x W45cm x H50cm), and in between. Boxes are also either double walled for heavy duty, or single walled.

INVENTORY LIST. It is important to send a complete and thorough list to your moving company. Start with large items, and list by room. Give measurements of Length x Width x Height. Also specify heavy or cumbersome furniture pieces. A solid oak chest of drawers will be far heavier than a chipboard one.

APPLIANCES. Ensure fridges and freezers are defrosted at least 24hrs ahead of the move. Washing machines drained and wires tucked or taped to the body of the appliance.

IN AND OUT. Many estates require security clearance with the estate manager or agent prior to moving. Save precious moving time by making sure that your moving company is registered with the security desk. Or find out before-hand what the procedures would be.

CHOMP CHOMP. Moving is energy sapping business, so keep loads of snacks and plenty of water on hand. Or pre-pack mealtime sandwiches. The last thing you need is being hangry on move day.

PLACEMENT PLANNING. Know where the items need to go in your new place. Moving staff will place it where you need it… once! Please do not ask the moving staff to continuously shift furniture around.

RELAX. Try not to stress and let the staff do their work, the best moving teams have lots of experience moving hundreds of pieces of furniture. Interference will only frustrate you and them.


For professional small to medium household and office furniture moves contact Load a Bakkie. +27 724569855 / info@loadabakkie.co.za / www.loadabakkie.co.za

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