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Meeting your long-time companion and that “ooh-la-la” other in your life is often celebrated during February, or the “month of love” as it has come to be known. So, in that spirit of joining in love, we venture into the wonderful world of furniture joinery. We absolutely love these five unusual and clever ways of bringing material together in furniture.

1. Created by Polish furniture design firm Beza Projekt, their ‘Patch Project’ is reminiscent of toy Meccano building pieces. Made up of different shaped brackets, the project was initiated

by them for the joy of experimentation.

2. Any innovative way to recycle plastic bottles grabs our attention. A graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts, Micaella Pedros developed a technique for heat-shrinking sections of bottles around joints to create a sturdy piece of furniture.

3. 3-D printing technology has transformed conventional production techniques, from artificial body parts to buildings. An early development using this tech in furniture joinery was created by Studio Minale-Maeda in 2016 with their Keystones project, that made use of digitally printed connectors to slot in various pieces of wood.

4. Generations of passed-down innovation and technique make Japanese joinery one of the most intricate and beautiful. Glue and nails are replaced by precise cuts and taps of a mallet to create sturdy furniture items and buildings. Japanese joinery has a wide variety of styles and types and has even led to its use in contemporary furniture design, like this ‘Ban Table by designer Ania Wolowska.

5. The use of metal with wood often provides elegant contrast. Certainly in the work of Seattle based designers, Trey Jones and Darin Montgomery. Their chic contemporary piece combines smooth aluminium brackets to hold together the seat, legs and backrest of their simply titled ‘1.2 chair’.


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