Moving can be daunting. So we've put together some tips to help out. Also advice on how to measure your items for the inventory which is available to download below.

furniture moving and mover, load a bakkie


  • Book and confirm your move with us early.

  • Prepare a timeline roster.

  • De-clutter. Sell or giveaway unwanted items.

  • Prepare the keys and access controls.


  • Fridges and deep freezes need to be defrosted and emptied at least a day before the move. So plan ahead to either store perishables in coolers or to consume them.

  • Remove any racks from the fridge or freezer. And masking tape the doors closed.

  • Always allow for a few hours for the gas to settle before switching on the fridge or freezer.

  • Televisions can be wrapped in blankets.

  • Keep cables in a clear bag and taped to its relevant appliance.


  • Plan in advance, and pack a little each day. Don't pack on moving day.

  • Label or color code your boxes according to room for easy unpacking.

  • Use clothes to cushion items inside your boxes.

  • Be aware that a large box gets heavier the more items you put in. Use the right box size: smaller boxes for heavy items like books, larger boxes for lighter items like linen.

  • Pack necessities like clothing, toiletries or cleaning equipment, last.


  • Always provide measurements in order of Length x Width x Height.

  • Provide them in centimetres. 

  • To describe Length, Width & Height. Imagine yourself facing a piece of furniture or a box. Stretching your hands to the side of you is the Length. Stretching forward provides the Width or depth. While the Height is the measurement from the floor up. See the diagram below.

  • Carpets or rugs can be measured in Length and Width.